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You need your wheels to perform at their best - but you also want them to look their best, too.

When you want to maintain your wheels and ensure that they look as good as they perform, you can trust Tire Store Service Center to provide the complete care your wheels need. 

It's no surprise that you might need wheel restoration or repair. Wheels are exposed to harmful road elements like tar, dirt, salt, and stones. Curb damage and minor impacts with potholes can damage your wheels, too. 

To have your wheels restored, visit Tire Store Service Center for wheel restoration and wheel repair services. We proudly serve the wheel service needs of Bedford, TX, Greenville, TX, Euless, TX, and surrounding areas.

Want to know what's best about our wheel repair services at our Bedford shop? We offer same day service on wheel repairs done while you wait. Finally - a more convenient way to get that bent rim fixed!

Know When it’s Time for Wheel Repair

  • Is there rust or dirt build-up on the bead seat of the wheel or rim?
  • Can you see rust on the inside or outside of the bolt hole of the wheel?
  • Is there rust or dirt on the visible surface of the wheel?
  • Are your wheels bent or damaged?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you should consider our wheel repair services.

Build-up of rust and debris are reasons to seek wheel and rim repair and conditioning services. Sometimes you may not even be aware of the cracks and defects below the dirt and rust. Allow one of our wheel repair professionals to blast the wheel for a closer examination of the damage incurred during travel to better understand the necessary wheel and rim repairs.

Worried about cost? Wheel repair is generally 40% cheaper than buying new wheels, which makes wheel repair the perfect cost-saving option drivers who take pride in maintaining the appearance of their vehicle.

We pride ourselves on returning like-new appearance and performance during each and every wheel repair service.

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